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Public transportation

Public transportation is abundant and frequent in Valdivia.


There are four types of public transport: Bus (Large buses for long distance travel), Micros (smaller city buses), Taxis and Collectivos (shared taxis).


Transfer to the Airport:  Let us know if you need transport to Pichoy Airport and we will schedule pick up or call 22 5533. Price $3500 pesos.


You can also take Buses Pirehueco to the entrance of the airport for $1200 pesos or catch a commuter bus for $1000 that will take you to the entrance of the airport.  


Valdivia Terminal: 56-63.200498. Anfion Muñoz 360. A big well organized teminal and serving numerous cities :


        To Pucón : lot of bus between 7:15 am to 7:30 pm.


        To Puerto Montt and Osorno : Buses almost all day long.


        Concepción : very regular departures with numerous companies.


        To Santiago : departures between 7 am and 11 am or at 8:30 pm.


        To Mendoza, Bariloche, Buenos Aires : several buses a week.


        To Riñihue via Los Lagos : seven times a day (two on Sundays)


Micros: In the city, cost $400 pesos and run until around 9:30 pm. They circulate on most routes every 15 to 20 minutes.


If you and to go to Niebla, the bus 20 will cost $500 and to Curiñanco $1200.


Collectivos:  are $450 pesos until the evening when the price goes up to 500 pesos. They usually circulate until midnight. While collectivos look like taxis, they travel established circuits and will not drop you at your doorstep unless it is on their route.


Taxis: are abundant and relatively cheap. Rates vary depending on the line. Check the front windshield for minimum rates. Make sure the driver uses the “taximetro” when you get in or you will be overcharged. If they tell you it is out of order, be wary. Taxi metros are the law and it is unlikely that it is broken. Tipping is not customary.

Solar Water Taxis:  Valdivia is the only city in Latin America to offer a TFS (Transporte Fluvial Sustentable).  Sustainable transport system.  This network of solar powered water taxis is just beginning but has gained national attention.  More docks are being constructed but you can enjoy a ride on the river or a crossing to the musuem from the Muelle Schuester for 500 pesos.   More info on the program at this link.



Changing money


There are several places to change money in Valdivia. Most banks will change dollars and are open until 2 pm.


Additionally there the following places


Cambio de Monedas: La Reconquista

Carampangue #325

(56) 63-21 3305

9am - 8 pm


Casa de Cambio: El Libertador

Camilo Henriquez #414 Loc. 16

Tel. (63) 201999


Casa de Cambio: Arauco

Galeria Arauco , Loc. #24

Tel. (63) 212177


Basic needs



* Lava seco located inside the Unimarc Store - $5000 wash dry and fold - large grocery bag

* Tu Lavadero - A little further away but much more econonical.  $800 the kilo

Aníbal Pinto #802 Local 1 near Beauchef


Hair cuts and treatments:

Yesy, who works in the mornings,  is a hairdresser.  Make an appointment with her if you need a cut or capillary treatment. (Prices range between 3,000 to 5,000 depending on treatment)


Okay Market: for your late night booze run - Okay Market Picarte until 1.00 am (near plaza Republica )


Valdivia has a variety of Farmer's Markets where you can buy very affordable fruits, vegetables and other things.  The markets open around 9am and run until 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  The following is a list :

* Tuesday:  Baquedano - Take the micro 1, 2 or 7 to General Lagos and Baquedano.  Walk one block up Baquedano to the feria.

* Wednesday:  Bernando O'Higgins take micro 11 o micro 3

* Saturday: Avenida Francia con San Luis.  Micro 14 or 5. This is the biggest market of the week. It is a little bit out of town but worth a visit.

* Sunday:  Avenida Argentina.  Micro 5 o 6


Call center and Internet:

* Avenida Ramon Picarte 505 - International call, Internet and print

Open : Monday to Friday from 9am to 8:45pm - Saturday from 10am to 8:45pm - Sunday from11am to 8:45pm

* In the mall : Internet one hour for 590 pesos

Travel Links

Hostel World: An international network of hostels


City of Valdivia Official Site: Links to places of interest in Valdivia This new rideshare website lets you post and read about rideshare opportunities. You must register to participate.



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