Cozy hangout and wood storage in one!

We are pleased to announce that Airesbuenos Hostel has just finished the processing of our Biomasa storage for 2018. Thanks to Alfredo we have acquired 30 cubic meters of sustainably harvested biomasa. We will use the firewood in our furnace to fuel the central heating system and hot water. Last year we completed installing double pane windows throughout the hostel so we look forward to a warm, cozy winter.

Given the layout of the hostel it was quite a project! Smack in the center of Valdivia 30 meters of leña was delivered and piled in front of the hostel.

The jardin is on the second floor so with the help of our sterling volunteers, staff and guests we were able to carry the one meter logs up and into the garden.

Stacking functions is a permaculture design principle and the wood on its own would have taken up valuable guest space so we cut and stacked the logs to make our Biomass Ruka.

We placed the grill in the middle to continue drying the wood and make a cozy hangout for rainy days.

As you can see we have been having a good time with our new structure.

We even made a totem. We have no name yet. Do you have any ideas??

So come and enjoy our Biomass Rancha at Airesbuenos hostel.