Hot Mulled Wine or “Vino Navegado” its a common and typical drink in Chile. It’s made from species and fresh oranges with red wine.  Warm it up without  boiling (or you will loose the alcohol). It’s very popular, people of all ages drink it, and here we will teach you how to make this delicious drink.


1 bottle of red wine
2 oranges cut into thin slices with peel
2 twigs of Cinnamon
4 clove
1 cup of sugar

How to do

  1. Put the wine, sliced oranges with peel,  whole cinnamon, cloves and the sugar in a pot.

  2. heat this mixture just before it boils, always stirring to mix well the sugar and so that the ingredients release their aroma. just before it boils, cut the gas and continue stirring.
  3. Serve hot, with one or two slices of orange. 
    all thats left is too enjoy!!! 
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