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The Valdivian Rain Forest is magic.  Voqui Pil Pil is one of many vines native to the Valdivian Rainforest. It grow fast and tall.  Grab that light at the top of the trees.  When we cleaned the forest, we had many meters of vines that were too beautiful to not use.  So with the help of my friend, Chus, we made a latern.

See how we did it.

Voqui vines are a great material but you must use them when they are recently cut and flexible.

So fill a bag with sawdust and weave the vines around the bag.

When you have a good, firm ball, find a hole and empty the sawdust and there you have a voqui ball.


We used lights and candles inside, both project beautiful shadows.

Voqui Pil Pil Hanging Latern Airesbuenos Urban Living Lab

Truly unique to the Valdivian Rainforest.

And it looks so nice as a centerpiece on our hibachi table.