Work Trade, a great way to learn a country and have fun!

Airesbuenos hostel and Permaculture is open year round and usually has a select number of volunteers to assist with our operations.  However due to the pandemic, we have slowed down and are taking time to rethink the direction we will go in the future.  Currently we are forming a team for an urban living lab and require the the following skill sets.  If you have other special aptitudes that you would like to offer, feel free to contact us as well.

Project Manager

Carpenter o Handy Person or Landscaper

Engineer Mechanical/Electrical/Construction

Sustainable Architect

Designer Interior/Product/Graphic

Programmer/Website Master

Generally speaking, everyone does a little of everything but we try to adjust the internship to fit your skills.  Food is mostly plant based and everyone is expected to help out with cooking and cleaning.  We have a full time cleaning person but light cleaning and consciousness of space is imperative.  Hours will vary depending on the type of work contributed.

 Airesbuenos Hostel is located in Southern Chile, in the center of Valdivia.  This small town is packed with culture and activity.  There are 8 universities, an international think tank called Centro de Estudios Cientificos de Sur and it is the capital of the Region de los Rios.
It rains a lot in Valdivia but does not generally get cold enough to snow.  The warmest time of year is from December to March.
Conditions will vary depending on your skill set and time frame.
 We usually require a minimum 3 week commitment. You must provide proof of insurance to work here.
If interested in applying, please send a letter of interest and a summary of what you can contribute to the hostel along with dates that you will be available.
Hope to hear from you soon!!

Our Volunteers

Josep - Catalunya

Josep - Catalunya

Pierre - France

I.T. Guru - General Problem Solver

The best volunteer we ever had in the hostel. IT genius, amazing human being and especially humble. (guess who wrote this caption??? Humble Pierre himself)

Johanna - Germany


General Problem Causer.

Tanya - Germany


General Problem Causer.

Lukas - Austria


Jonas - Denmark

Forest Farmacy Guru

sarah - Belguim


Seth - USA

Handy Man, Receptionist, Everything!!

Francesca - Italy

Shift Manager

Thibault - France


Tomas - Chile

Reception and Maintenace

Lily - France

Eco Builder

Ada - ireland


Camila - Canada-Chile


Julian - France

Eco Builder

Mama - France


Paige - Canada


Andrew - Singapore


Sandra - Germany

Shift Manager

Carla - Chile


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    Do you have travel insurance ?

    What kind of work are interested in ?

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    Why are you interested in working with us ?