Today we going learn how to prepare a tasty pebre!

Pebre is a traditional Chilean salsa, and it is eaten with just about everything.



3 Red tomatoes

2 Fresh onions

5 red and green dried chili peppers, .

extra virgin olive oil


Sea salt

Bunch of cilantro



How to Make


1- Remove the peel from the tomatoes,  cut in slices. Do the same with the onions. : Cut the tomatos over a bowl, so you do not loose the tomato juice.

2- Open peppers to  remove the seeds  and cut in little pieces.

3- Add 2 tablespoons spoonfuls of extra virgin oil, and 3 of vinegar.

4- Add sea salt to taste while stirring.

5- Finally, cut the cilantro and add to the bowl. It is important not to cut more than once the cilantro, or it will rust, losing flavor.


Now it is ready! You can eat it with bread, meat, and really with any food! 



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