In commemoration of the Social Revolution in Chile that started on October 18, we have given our new Rocket Stove the model number of 18-O. It is a fantastic fabrication that features multiple uses in one. Of course how could it be named 18-O without a FIREPIT!

We have been enjoying various meals cooked on this magical piece and our guests love it. To celebrate New Years 2020, we made a night of endless pizza. We cooked over 15 pizzas for everyone until midnight. At midnight, we symbolicly burned something we wanted to leave behind in 2019 the firepit. Hot Stuff!!

Coming soon we will be adding a step by step tutorial to our website with photos and detailed instruction on how to make one yourself. Suffice to say, we repurposed an old hot water heater in to this rocket stove. It is insulated and has various layers depending on the use you need.

We keep the original emblems from the Trotter water heater which add an additional level of beauty to this beast.

See you at pizza time!

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